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When you are stiff or aching, or if you simply need to relax, West Cape May Massage by Pearl of Cape May, NJ offers truly personalized massages designed for you and dictated by you. Our licensed massage therapist is highly experienced in the most common forms of massage, including:

• Swedish Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Sports Massage

Depending on your needs, your licensed masseuse will provide you a massage session like no other you have ever experienced. Many massage therapists simply go by the book, performing textbook maneuvers the same way on every client. At West Cape May Massage by Pearl, we understand every body is different, therefore every massage should be different. We customize your massage to your needs depending on your tolerance for pressure, your areas of discomfort, and your goals from the massage.

Whether you are in pain, stiff and sore, or simply need to relax for an hour, our licensed massage therapist will ensure you receive the highest level of service. You can also add hot rocks or aroma therapy to your session for the full spa experience. Our massage techniques will help you find relief from many symptoms, including:

• Muscle Strain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Muscle Cramps
• Muscle Spasms
• Pinched Nerves
• Tendonitis
• Edema
• Arthritis and Bursitis

Besides pain relief, massage has other benefits that everyone can appreciate. Massage stimulates your circulatory system which supports healing, speeds blood oxygenation, and promotes your body’s natural defense system by stimulating white blood cell production to boost the immune system. In this manner, massage is an excellent way to help you fight off infections like the common cold before they start. Massage is also extremely relaxing, reducing stress and thereby lowering your blood pressure.

You can have your own personal massage therapist in Cape May, NJ just a phone call away. Hire West Cape May Massage by Pearl and you will love how we make you feel.

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